25 things I learned during my first year as a Video Editor

David Lindgren
9 min readSep 30, 2022

When I was 13 years old, I got my first summer job.
I decided to spend all the money I earned on a video camera.
My first own video camera.

The camera recorded tapes, and I needed to buy an extra part for my computer (plus a separate cable) in order to transfer the footage from the camera to my hard drive via “Firewire”. Good old times. 😄

The extra “Firewire-card” I had to buy in order to transfer my video footage to my computer in 2002

I‘ve kept this interest in filmmaking ever since, but I‘ve never turned it into anything serious until 2017 when I started an internship as a video editor.

At the time, I was 28 years old but I had no previous professional experience nor education in video editing — just a big interest.
So I pretty much started from scratch.

After doing a 15-week internship at that company, I got hired full-time. Since I was their only video editor, learning by doing has been the only way forward for me.

Two years later, I started freelancing.

Out filming with my drone in Blaikliden, Sweden.

As you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes during my first year as a video editor. However, these mistakes helped me to become better at what I was doing.

Here are 25 things I learned during my first year as a video editor:

1️⃣ Practice before pressing “record”
If you are filming b-roll and want to do some camera movement, try it out a couple of times before pressing record. That way the final result will be better and you won’t need to import and go through three clips later on. It saves time in your edit and saves space on your hard drive.

2️⃣ Have (at least) one extra memory card in your camera
With an extra memory card, you can transfer the footage from the first memory card to a computer and continue to record with the other card in the meantime. (Some cameras can even record to two memory cards at the same time, ensuring you’ll always have a backup.)