How to import footage 🎞 including file structure 📁 in Premiere Pro

David Lindgren
2 min readOct 24, 2022

There are multiple ways of importing files into Adobe Premiere Pro. You can use the “Import” tab at the top, click the keyboard shortcut “Cmd + I” or you can simply drag and drop a folder or file into the “Project window”.
But there is a problem here.

How to import your folder structure into Premiere Pro

If you want to import a folder structure where some folders might be empty or only contain single files, it will only import the actual files but not always the folders. Unless there are at least 2 files in that folder.

Therefore, if you want to import a folder structure, just take a screenshot (or any other file) and then copy and paste that file twice into each folder.
Then, you import the “parent folder” into Premiere Pro, and then you simply go into each sub-folder and delete the files you added.

That way you’ve imported the folder structure into Premiere Pro.

🎞 Watch the tutorial here

With that said, thanks for reading, keep learning, and have a great day! ⭐️

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