How to preview in normal speed

David Lindgren
1 min readMay 23, 2021

Have you ever exported a video from After Effects, just to see that the animation is playing in another speed than in the program. That could be because your preview-speed was different from your composition speed.

How to preview in “normal” speed

So what does this mean and how do you change it? The first thing you do is to right click on your composition, click composition settings and check your Frame Rate. Now you want to set the Preview-framerate to the same number.

🎞 Watch the tutorial here!

To do that, go to Window, make sure your Preview-window is active, then click your Preview-window, go down Frame Rate and change that number to the same number as your Composition. And now, your composition should play in full speed, or the speed it will be after your export.

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