Overcoming imposter syndrome as a Content Creator

As a digital creator in 2022, you are constantly measured and judged. Views, clicks, likes, shares, and comments. A lot of times I have fallen into the trap of over-analyzing the data and my own performance.

Is the video too long?
Is this video too short?
Is it enough “click bait” in the title?
Is the thumbnail good enough?
Maybe the white balance on this clip should be adjusted?
Should I delete this section of the video?
Am I speaking too slowly?
Do I look tired?
Is this the right time to post?
What will people say?
Does this video feel like



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David Lindgren

💻 Freelancer. 📹 Part-Time YouTuber. 📊 Productivity nerd. I help creators create by consulting, YouTube tips, tutorials, vlog episodes, and tech reviews.